Next Training Class

October 16 - November 9

Our next CASA volunteer training class begins on Tuesday, October 16 and continues through November 9. The 4-week class meets every Tuesday and Friday from 9 AM until 1 PM.

Classes are held at the CASA office in the Gilmer Courthouse. 

This is a traditional training class in which all material will be covered in the classroom; there is no online component.

Anyone interested in attending training must complete an application.

Four Ways to Obtain An Application

1. Electronic application is located in "More Resources" section. 

2. Downloadable PDF version is located in "How to Become a CASA" section.

3. Stop by CASA office in Gilmer Courthouse and request application.

4. Call us at (706) 276-2272 and request that application be mailed to you.

Final Steps

Your application will be reviewed, local and federal background checks will take place, references will be checked, and you will be interviewed by the CASA Director. All of this will be completed before you participate in training.